Update From DR:: Statement, Commitments Forthcoming

Dear Friends:

It is impossible to describe the gratitude I feel at this moment.

For the last four days I have experienced a tremendous outpouring of love, community, and solidarity.  God has been made real to me, by sisters and brothers, gathered here from around the Americas.  We are currently reviewing a statement, written by our bishops which reflects the experience and affirmations of this gathering. I am delighted to report that we have also agreed on five concrete commitments which we will make to each other, to the Church, to the world, and to God.

Our time has been so rich and so focused that I have been unable to give steady updates along the way.  We have harddrives full of video and notes, and giant newsprint pages covered in Spanish, English, and a common sweat which unifies us all.

In the weeks and months to come, we will use this site to report as best we can, the beauty that has happened in San Pedro de Macorís.  Our ratified statement and the commitments of our group will follow later today.

En la esperanza de la justicia climática,




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One response to “Update From DR:: Statement, Commitments Forthcoming

  1. Griff:
    Your enthusiasm and reflections on the spirit of the conference seems to echo my experience of the presence of God in the midst of typical, “down-home” Latin American hospitality. Your reflection brought to mind my dentist in Costa Rica a month ago. While I sat in the chair, he expounding on his gratitude for being led by God to forget about the money and pursue his passion to bring his service to more of the ordinary people in his neighborhood. After twenty years his clinic has expanded. He has been able to bring in young trained dentists with his passion to serve. He has gone to conferences all over the world, learned from an amazing variety of people and customs. I was taken by the sense of gratitude expressed by him and his staff and the ease with which they take care of everyone who comes to that clinic. In that spirit, it seemed so easy to talk about taking care of the earth and all that God has made. I feel truly blessed by that whole experience. I went through major dental surgery and left feeling more like having had a vacation! I feel the key to our message of earth stewardship is gratitude for all that God has given us and a willingness to share Earth with others! Thank you for your sharing!

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