An Advent Prayer of Hope from our Sisters and Brothers in Vermont…

To our Episcopal Brothers and Sisters meeting in

Bishop Kellogg Conference Center, San Pedro de Macorís,

Dominican Republic

An Advent Prayer of Hope

O God, Creator, Sustainer, Judge and Lover of all your Creation,

Inspiration and Life-giver through Jesus who shares with us in Earthly life,

We acknowledge our utter dependence upon You and Your creation for life itself.

We thank You, we praise You for the mystical workings of the whole community of life, and

express our sorrow for the pain we cause to You and Your whole creation.

As we live through Advent,

we seek new hearts and understanding to live more gently as part of Your Creation.


We humbly beseech you, O Holy Spirit, O Wisdom,

to move through Earth and her wondrous community of life,

to touch and enliven this gathering of your faithful,

that they may amplify your life-giving Word.

Bring Your power, Wisdom and judgment alive in all those who are tired, fearful or cynical.

Pierce the hearts of those leaders of nations gathered in Cancun

that they may gain new understanding from the troubled, beleaguered waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Grant to the world’s leaders, having failed their task in Copenhagen,

a heightened sense of urgency to govern responsibly,

to protect Earth Community

from our stubborn, dangerous path of wanton consumption of Earth’s gifts,

the waning legacy of Your ancient, precious creation.

This we pray in the name of Jesus, who keeps leading us through the darkness, teaching us new ways, bringing us to the Light.


–from Members of The Earth Care Ministry

of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Episcopal, Burlington, VT, USA

Sylvia Knight, The Venerable Catherine Cooke, Robert K. Wright,

Travis Puller, Elizabeth Emerson, James P. Vos,

David H. Turner, The Rev. Dr. Nancy Bloomer



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