More than 5 000 to gather to pray for planet as part of the COP16

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The event brings together Catholics, Christians, Protestants and Jews, who are gathering in the Plaza de la Reforma to raise their prayer

CANCÚN.-More than 5 thousand members of 75 churches, religious organizations and groups to pray for the earth on Tuesday next (Dec 30), under the Convention United Nations Framework on Climate Change (COP16).

The event, unprecedented in this city, will bring together Catholics, Christians, Protestants and Jews, that day will gather at the Plaza de la Reforma to raise a prayer for the land, as reported by municipal authorities and religious leaders.

This was announced at a joint press conference of religious leaders of more than 500 temples there in Cancun and the director of Religious Affairs of the Municipality of Benito Juarez, Hugo González Reyes.

One of the organizers, Alejandro Ramos Hernández, said that during the event will be three sentences: one for the land, and the second for the 192 delegates from participating countries.

And make one more for the 12 days that the Conference take place in a peaceful environment and the necessary agreements are reached.

In turn, the director of Religious Affairs of the Municipality of Benito Juarez, with head in this city, Hugo González Reyes, which will feature a choir of 200 children from Christ the King Church.

He said participants must be dressed in white clothes to the event, which starts at 17 pm in the plaza at the gates of the Palacio Municipal, which may be extended to more than 4 hours.

Present at the meeting with the media, the bishop of the Cancun-Chetumal Prelature, Pedro Pablo Elizondo Cárdenas, agreed to summon the faithful Catholics to attend, or in their homes to join in this prayer.

The prelate said that if ‘God is removed from the play’ if you check out of the negotiations of 192 countries, there could be voices, maybe not mad, but radical, which can put them to argue and fight instead of reach agreements.

Elizondo Cárdenas said that there must be agreements, and asked to have faith in God to enlighten those who have to make these decisions.For his part, President of the Ministerial Conference in Cancun social Jose Acevedo Alfredo Pinto said that Cancun will be the window to the world, and from here you prayed to God to cleanse the world that the human race has deteriorated.

In turn, the pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Samuel May, noted that to be carried out will be a prayer for mother earth for man to assume its responsibility with it.


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