December Meeting, Agenda (draft)

(Note: Please Arrive to Santo Domingo Airport on the evening of December 6. Please Contact the Rev. P Joshua Griffin griff[at]diocal[dot]org for transportation arrangements to the Conference Center.)


DAY 1, Tuesday Dec 7th, Bishop Kellogg Conference Center

Session 1: Tuesday Dec 7: 9-11:30am Encountering God and each other through our ecological experience.

Session 2: Tuesday Dec 7: 2-5pm  Framing the issues: “climate justice.”

DAY 2, Weds Dec 8th

Session 3: Weds Dec 8: 8:30-11:30am Ecological Degradation in our local communities. Bishop Kellogg Conference Center

Session 4:  Weds Dec 8: 11:45-5:00. Field Visit: local effects of climate change in the Dominican Republic.

Session 5:  Weds Dec 8th, 6:00-9:00: “Climate Justice and Christian Theology” -lecture and reception at the Cathedral and Seminary in Santo Domingo (Dr. Willis Jenkins)

Return to Bishop Kellogg Conference Center…

DAY 3, Thursday Dec 9th, Bishop Kellogg Conference Center

Session 6: Thurs Dec 9, 9-11:45am: Macro Issues: Development and Consumption, Energy and Alternatives, Policy & Politics/Economics

Session 7: Thurs Dec 9, 2-5pm: Solidarity and Climate Justice—embodying a model for the Church and the World?

DAY 4, Friday Dec 10th, Bishop Kellogg Conference Center

Session 8: Fri Dec 10, 9-11:30; Closing Commitments and Eucharist


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