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Climate change failure is moral outrage: Faith leaders

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28 November 2010 Last updated at 19:32 ET

Climate change failure is moral outrage: Faith leaders

Scotland’s religious leaders have described the West’s failure to help developing nations cope with climate change as a “moral outrage”.

Senior members of the country’s Christian and Islamic communities outlined their position in a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron.

They urged the UK government to do all it could to ensure progress was made at the UN climate change conference.

The summit is due to open in Cancun, Mexico, on Monday.

The letter to Mr Cameron has been signed by the Moderator of the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly, John Christie, the head of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, David Chillingworth, and Shaykh Ruzwan, a senior figure in the Islamic community.

It highlights disappointment at the outcome of last year’s UN climate change conference in Copenhagen and says every day that passes sees lives “affected and even lost”.

The faith leaders write that: “Millions of people in developing countries are already being affected by increasingly severe storms, droughts and changing weather patterns, despite having done little to cause the problem.

“Faith-based international aid organisations such as SCIAF, Christian Aid and Islamic Relief are already working hard to help affected communities.”

‘Fair’ agreement

The letter continues: “This is why it is vital that the UK government does everything it can to ensure agreeing a fair, ambitious and legally-binding global agreement on climate change is at the forefront of negotiations in Cancun.

“The final agreement must also include vastly improved greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for the wealthiest nations and greater financing for poor countries to help them cope with the challenges brought on by climate change.”

It adds: “It is a moral outrage that as yet developed countries appear unwilling to find the money so urgently needed to deal with this issue.”

Scotland’s climate change minister, Stewart Stevenson, will be part of the UK delegation at Cancun.

Mr Stevenson has said he will use the opportunity to call for the international community to be more ambitious in its efforts to tackle climate change.

And he will argue that the transition to a low carbon economy is sensible, sustainable and ultimately unavoidable.

However, the Mexican government has already warned it is unlikely that a comprehensive deal will be secured in Cancun.



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More than 5 000 to gather to pray for planet as part of the COP16

a very rough google chrome translation of a news article from:

The event brings together Catholics, Christians, Protestants and Jews, who are gathering in the Plaza de la Reforma to raise their prayer

CANCÚN.-More than 5 thousand members of 75 churches, religious organizations and groups to pray for the earth on Tuesday next (Dec 30), under the Convention United Nations Framework on Climate Change (COP16).

The event, unprecedented in this city, will bring together Catholics, Christians, Protestants and Jews, that day will gather at the Plaza de la Reforma to raise a prayer for the land, as reported by municipal authorities and religious leaders.

This was announced at a joint press conference of religious leaders of more than 500 temples there in Cancun and the director of Religious Affairs of the Municipality of Benito Juarez, Hugo González Reyes.

One of the organizers, Alejandro Ramos Hernández, said that during the event will be three sentences: one for the land, and the second for the 192 delegates from participating countries.

And make one more for the 12 days that the Conference take place in a peaceful environment and the necessary agreements are reached.

In turn, the director of Religious Affairs of the Municipality of Benito Juarez, with head in this city, Hugo González Reyes, which will feature a choir of 200 children from Christ the King Church.

He said participants must be dressed in white clothes to the event, which starts at 17 pm in the plaza at the gates of the Palacio Municipal, which may be extended to more than 4 hours.

Present at the meeting with the media, the bishop of the Cancun-Chetumal Prelature, Pedro Pablo Elizondo Cárdenas, agreed to summon the faithful Catholics to attend, or in their homes to join in this prayer.

The prelate said that if ‘God is removed from the play’ if you check out of the negotiations of 192 countries, there could be voices, maybe not mad, but radical, which can put them to argue and fight instead of reach agreements.

Elizondo Cárdenas said that there must be agreements, and asked to have faith in God to enlighten those who have to make these decisions.For his part, President of the Ministerial Conference in Cancun social Jose Acevedo Alfredo Pinto said that Cancun will be the window to the world, and from here you prayed to God to cleanse the world that the human race has deteriorated.

In turn, the pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Samuel May, noted that to be carried out will be a prayer for mother earth for man to assume its responsibility with it.


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Más de 5 mil files orarán por la tierra en el marco de la COP16


El acto reunirá a católicos, cristianos, evangélicos y judíos, que se congregarán en la Plaza de la Reforma para elevar su oración

CANCÚN.-Más de 5 mil fieles de 75 iglesias, organizaciones y grupos religiosos orarán por la tierra el martes próximo, en el marco de la Convención Marco de las Naciones Unidas Sobre el Cambio Climático (COP16).

El acto, sin precedentes en esta ciudad, reunirá a católicos, cristianos, evangélicos y judíos, que ese día se congregarán en la Plaza de la Reforma para elevar una oración por la tierra, según informaron líderes religiosos y autoridades municipales.

Así lo anunciaron en conferencia de prensa conjunta los líderes religiosos de los más de 500 templos que existen en Cancún y el director de Asuntos religiosos del Ayuntamiento de Benito Juárez, Hugo González Reyes.

Uno de los organizadores, Alejandro Ramos Hernández, mencionó que durante el evento se harán tres oraciones: la primera para la tierra, y la segunda para los delegados de los 192 países participantes.

Y harán una más para que durante los 12 días la Conferencia transcurra en un ambiente de paz y se alcancen los acuerdos necesarios.

A su vez, el director de Asuntos Religiosos del Ayuntamiento de Benito Juárez, con cabecera en esta ciudad, Hugo González Reyes, informó que se contará con la presencia de un coro de 200 niños de la Iglesia Cristo Rey.

Dijo que los asistentes deberán ir vestidos con prendas de color blanco al acto, que iniciará a las 17 horas en la plaza ubicada a las puertas del Palacio Municipal, y que podrá prolongarse hasta por más de 4 horas.

Presente en el encuentro con los medios, el obispo de la prelatura Cancún-Chetumal, Pedro Pablo Elizondo Cárdenas, se comprometió a convocar a los fieles católicos para que acudan, o en sus casas se unan en esta plegaria.

El prelado manifestó que si ‘se saca a Dios de la jugada’ si se le echa afuera de las negociaciones de los 192 países, podrían surgir voces, quizá no desquiciadas, pero sí radicales, que los pueden poner a discutir y pelear en vez de llegar de acuerdos.

Elizondo Cárdenas dijo que tiene que haber acuerdos, y pidió tener fe en Dios para iluminar a los que tienen que tomar estas decisiones.Por su parte, el presidente de la Conferencia de Ministros sociales de Cancún, José Alfredo Pinto Acevedo, señaló que Cancún será la ventana del mundo, y desde aquí se elevará una plegaría a Dios para que limpie al mundo que la raza humana ha deteriorado.

A su vez, el pastor de la Iglesia Presbiteriana, Samuel May, destacó que la que realizarán será una oración por la madre tierra y para que el hombre asuma su responsabilidad con ella.


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Budapest Call for Climate Justice

An interesting statement coming out of the WCC Poverty, Wealth, and Ecology consultation…

Reposted from the Conference of European Churches Website:

Press release no. 10/49e

15.11.10 11:52

Call for Climate Justice
Addressing Poverty, Wealth and Ecology

A consultation on Poverty, Wealth and Ecology in Europe organised by the Conference of European Churches (CEC) and the World Council of Churches (WCC) in cooperation with churches in Hungary ended on Friday 12 November by adopting a final statement, Budapest Call for Climate Justice.

The document underlines that the methods of wealth creation and the pursuit of unlimited wealth in rich industrialised countries of Europe often impoverish communities and harm creation as a whole. Challenges of injustice and climate change are interlinked. Social and climate justice belong together. The document indicates that: “Climate justice and therefore both social and ecological values should be a central goal of policy-making. In industrialised countries economic growth should no longer be seen as an aim in itself.”

The statement calls for “The redistribution of wealth and sharing of technology between rich countries and poor countries affected by climate change…” as crucial elements of climate justice. This has to go along with “additional support for climate change mitigation and adaptation.” The EU should stick to its ambitions with regard to greenhouse gas emission limitations independent of policies of other large economies and put additional efforts for tackling poverty and social exclusion also among marginalised migrant communities.

In addressing poverty, wealth and ecology, the statement underlines that: “we should build on the Church’s mission in society and in harmony with creation.” Churches in their different contexts have common but differentiated responsibilities. They need global ecumenical dialogue in order to define these responsibilities and to strengthen each other in living it out.

The document calls for strengthening of the churches’ work on climate justice and closer cooperation and coordination of this work in the World Council of Churches and Regional Ecumenical Organisations. Direct links between churches from different continents and regional ecumenical organisations have to be strengthened and more structured, concludes the document.

Following the outcomes of the General Council of the World Communion of Reformed Churches’ (WCRC), participants in the consultation call for a joint preparation of a global ecumenical conference to propose framework and criteria for a new international financial and economic architecture that is based on the principles of economic, social and climate justice.

They invite the World Council of Churches to put climate justice and poverty eradication as well as the relationship between the two as a priority on the agenda of its 10th General Assembly in South Korea in 2013.

Complete texts of the Final Statement and the Youth Statement.


For more information contact:
Rev. Dr Peter Pavlovic
Church and Society Commission of CEC
Office: +32 2 230 68 33
Mobile: + 32 498 08 18 01

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La Reunión de Justicia Climática, 7-10, Diciembre


1. Transportación:  En la noche del 6 de Diciembre se proveerán vehiculos desde el aeropuerto de Santo Domingo al Centro de Conferencias Obispo Kellog. Por favor escríbame al correo electronico griff[at]diocal[dot]org con la información acerca de su vuelo, asi podré hacer arreglos para su transportación en un tiempo adecuado. Los costos serán entre $5 y $20 USD, dependiendo del número de pasajeros en su vehículo. Si usted prefiere hacer arreglos para su propia transportación dejemelo saber por favor.


2. Borrador de la Agenda de la Reunión (Sujeto a cambios):


DIA 1, Martes 7 de Dic. Centro de Conferencias Obispo Kellogg

Sesión 1: Martes 7 de Dic: 9-11:30am Encontrando a Dios y a cada uno a través de nuestra experiencia ecológica.

Sesión 2: Martes 7 de Dic: 2-5pm Enmarcar los asuntos: “La Justicia Climática.”

DIA 2, Miércoles 8 de Dic. Varias Ubicaciones

Sesión 3: Miércoles 8 de Dic: 8:30-11:30am La Degradación ecológica en nuestras comunidades locales. Centro de Conferencias Obispo Kellogg

Sesión 4:  Miércoles 8 de Dic: 11:45-5:00pm. Visita al Campo: efectos locales del cambio climático en la República Dominicana.

Sesión 5:  Miércoles 8 de Dic: 6:00-9:00pm: “La Justicia Climática y la Teología Cristiana” – Lectura y recepción en la Catedral y Seminario en  Santo Domingo (Dr. Willis Jenkins)


Regreso al Centro de Conferencias Obispo Kellogg …

DIA 3, Jueves 9 de Dic, Centro de Conferencias Obispo Kellogg

Sesión 6: Jueves 9 de Dic, 9-11:45am: Macro Asuntos: Desarrollo y Consumo, Energía y alternativas, Polizas y Políticas/ Económico.

Sesión 7: Jueves 9 de Dic, 2-5pm: Solidaridad y Justicia Climática —Contener un modelo para la Iglesia y el Mundo?

DIA 4, Viernes 10 de Dic, Centro de Conferencias Obispo Kellogg

Sesión 8: Viernes 10 de Dic, 9-11:30; Cerrando Compromisos y la Eucaristía.

12:00pm -Salida del Centro de Conferencias


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December Meeting, Agenda (draft)

(Note: Please Arrive to Santo Domingo Airport on the evening of December 6. Please Contact the Rev. P Joshua Griffin griff[at]diocal[dot]org for transportation arrangements to the Conference Center.)


DAY 1, Tuesday Dec 7th, Bishop Kellogg Conference Center

Session 1: Tuesday Dec 7: 9-11:30am Encountering God and each other through our ecological experience.

Session 2: Tuesday Dec 7: 2-5pm  Framing the issues: “climate justice.”

DAY 2, Weds Dec 8th

Session 3: Weds Dec 8: 8:30-11:30am Ecological Degradation in our local communities. Bishop Kellogg Conference Center

Session 4:  Weds Dec 8: 11:45-5:00. Field Visit: local effects of climate change in the Dominican Republic.

Session 5:  Weds Dec 8th, 6:00-9:00: “Climate Justice and Christian Theology” -lecture and reception at the Cathedral and Seminary in Santo Domingo (Dr. Willis Jenkins)

Return to Bishop Kellogg Conference Center…

DAY 3, Thursday Dec 9th, Bishop Kellogg Conference Center

Session 6: Thurs Dec 9, 9-11:45am: Macro Issues: Development and Consumption, Energy and Alternatives, Policy & Politics/Economics

Session 7: Thurs Dec 9, 2-5pm: Solidarity and Climate Justice—embodying a model for the Church and the World?

DAY 4, Friday Dec 10th, Bishop Kellogg Conference Center

Session 8: Fri Dec 10, 9-11:30; Closing Commitments and Eucharist

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